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Re: [Xen-devel] 32-on-64: pvfb issue

On 22/1/07 14:01, "Gerd Hoffmann" <kraxel@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here we go.  Compile-tested on 32bit, more tests coming, full rebuild
> still in progress ...

Yeah, I like these. They can go in as soon as you're happy with them. One
exception is blkback -- I'm not keen on the v1/v2 thing as it is. I think we
should continue to include public/io/blkif.h and use the struct definition
there when protocol==XEN_IO_PROTO_ABI_NATIVE. The exceptions can be
XEN_IO_PROTO_ABI_X86_32 and XEN_IO_PROTO_ABI_X86_64 which can use the v1/v2
definitions (but I suggest renamed to include x86_32/x86_64 in the names).
We can generalise the names if they turn out to be useful in future for
other architectures (or provide typedef/#define equivalents). So for now we
end up with three useful enumerations for blk protocols: native, x86_32,

 -- Keir

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