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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] keymap support for PVFB

Hi All

Currently, Paravirtualized frame buffer is supporting only US keymap.

We made patches to support several keymaps for Paravirtualized frame buffer,
which uses QEMU's keymap.

After QEMU is compiled, it is necessary to compile PVFB.
Therefore, the compilation order was changed.

Keyboard layout of PVFB is specified with configuration file. When nothing is specified, it is en-us keyboard layout.

It is as follows. ---------------------------
keymap = "ja"

keyboard layout that can be selected is the same as QEMU.

[1/3] keymap support for PVFB.
[2/3] build order change for keyboard selection of PVFB.
[3/3] select keyboard layout for PVFB.

Best Regards,

Takanori Kasai

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