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[Xen-devel] xen 3.0.4 blktap:aio disks don't work with pygrub

Changeset 13112 (13134 in xen-unstable) added after the branch provoked the problem by causing some code that was previously dead in _configureBootloader() in XendDomainInfo.py. The code to mount the image loses the information that the tap driver is "aio" is lost and when device_add() in XendConfig.py, the code assumes the disk is qcow and things fail. (I assume things work fine for qcow disks.) If I change the "qcow" in device_add() to "aio", images boot; so I think the only thing needed to fix the problem is to get the information to device_add() and to generate the correct string.

The tap-driver information can be easily passed down in the xenapi_vbd, but I cannot determine what the proper key should be and I probably shouldn't just make it up since it is a XenAPI object and I probably don't understand some of the subtleties of adding it. I'd be happy to try with a little advice, though.

John Byrne

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