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Re: [Xen-devel] Question to console input events

On 11/1/07 8:04 am, "Dietmar Hahn" <dietmar.hahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I try to port the mini-os to ia64 and have a problem with using hypervisor
> call:
> HYPERVISOR_sched_op(SCHEDOP_block, 0);
> to block the domU.
> The problem is, that the domU never (or a very short time) gets blocked
> because the domU gets lots of console events. But all the time no data are in
> the console input buffer.
> Can anybody explain where and when the console events are generated therewidth
> I can have a look in the source.

The other end of the event channel is held by the console daemon. Its code
is in tools/console/daemon. Look for its uses of xc_evtchn_notify().

 -- Keir

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