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Re: [Xen-devel] Building broken with CS 13282

>If there are dependencies among the auto-generated headers then they need to
>be listed explicitly. Multiple dependencies listed in a single rule can be
>made in parallel.

No, that's not the case - each header can be built independently, since the
#include-s are being substituted before handing to the preprocessor (not the
compiler, hence incomplete definitions don't matter), and substituted back

John, in order to understand what's wrong on your end I'll need more than just
the failing compiler invocation, specifically all the commands run while 
building in
xen/include (invoked from xen/Makefile:73). Since that's a series of $(MAKE)
invocations there, failure here should prevent making $(TARGET). Hence I
have to assume that something fails in the process of handling xen/include, but
doesn't indicate so through the process exit status (for that knowing what
actually got generated in xen/include/compat/ might also provide a clue).


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