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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-2.0 + linux-2.6.15?

On 28 Feb 2006, at 10:25, Nils Toedtmann wrote:

I have a very stable xen-host with several domUs (uptimes > 300d).

It's still 2.6.11.x + xen-2.0 and now i'd like to upgrade it to I have to do that remotely, and xen-2.0 was absolutely ok for
me (rock-solid!), so i'd like to stick with xen-2.0 for now. But the
last Changeset of the xen-2.0-testing hg tree is 3520 from 2005-12-28,
and it still wants linux-2.6.12.

Do i have to choose between 2.6.12.x+xen-2.0 and 2.6.15.x+xen-3.0?

What about a maintenance release 2.0.8 for linux-2.6.15 or upcoming

At the moment you have to make that choice. It would be great if someone upgraded the 2.0 kernel, but the core developers are busy with 3.0.

 -- Keir

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