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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] Xen Guest Kexec

> > My patch was out-of-tree so it's rotted.  I've been waiting for various
> > other things to get sorted before it's worth updating it again (updating
> > to a kernel that actually has the kexec system call, one or two other
> > patches).
> Could you be a little more specific about that. I am pretty interested
> in getting this working. As far as I understand Xen is now running
> on 2.6.16-rc4 which does have kexec. I'm happy to put some cycles into
> updating the patch, though I must confess I am quite interested in
> Gerd's approach which is closer to what I was originally thinking.

My original intention was also like Gerd's approach, I just decided it was 
simpler overall to make it into a platform service - we depend on daemons in 
other domains *anyhow* in order to talk to devices, make reboot work, etc.

I was waiting for the build-from-memory patches to maybe be accepted (which 
would avoid updating that part of my patch) but I haven't had a chance to 
look over them yet.

> Understood. I was only talking of DomU with regards to the assisted
> kexec patch that you sent earlier. I am also intersted in getting
> kexec working in Dom0, however I agree with Gerd's statements elsewhere
> in this thread that it can be acchived by porting kexec to Xen (or as
> I understand it given the current state of kexec, teaching kexec a few
> things about Xen in the prevailing architecture).

Yes.  This shouldn't be so hard, except possible from the PoV of actually 
allocating the memory correctly.

> I'm actually quite interested in getting both kexec and kdump working
> on both DomU and Dom0. I understand that for the most port there are
> really four different problems there. I'd really like to help out
> with existing efforts to help get all or any of them working.
> For now I'm going to poke around with Gerd's idea of asking xend to
> do system dumps for crash analysis of DomU, as that seems to be an area
> of little activity at this time.

That should be pretty much as good as kdump, except that the image obviously 
won't appear within the guests filesystem, and it won't integrate with domU 
distros that want to use kdump.


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