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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] Fox for pcnet device model data corruption

On 25 Feb 2006, at 15:27, Kamble, Nitin A wrote:

The patch is letting the DM detect the receive ring full condition in advance, so that packets will not be pushed to DM, in that situation, and that si better because otherwise it is just going to drop the packet and raise an error. Yeh, the DM is checking for this condition in the pcnet_receive(), to signal the OS driver that packets are dropped. But it is too late because the OS driver handling for this situation does not work properly for the DM.

Yes, it's a shame there's no supported device model of a decent NIC. The pcnet one is not keeping up with qemu developments, and is apparently buggy. It'll be a pain when we want to upgrade to a more recent version of qemu too, although I think I've seen an upgraded pcnet patch floating around (although not necessarily from anyone who understands either the particular device model or qemu all that well).

 -- Keir

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