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Re: [Xen-devel] XEN, VMX-guests and migration

currently vmx save/restore is under development and migration will start after it is done. save/restore in vmx is different from domU, because vmx guest use shadow page table ,VMCS and device model.
so i think it takes a long time to include these feature in xen unstable.

i'll keep status update for you:)

Thorolf Godawa wrote:

unfortunately I just found the following in the XEN 3.0-documentation:

A.4.5 Save/Restore and Migration
VMX guests currently cannot be saved and restored, nor migrated. These
features are currently under active development.

Is this still true for XEN 3.0.1 or the upcoming 3.0.2?

If yes, when do the developers think that they can include this feature
in XEN 3?

Thanks a lot for your answer,

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