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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen hypervisor on SPARC v9

> Is there anyone who knows about a Xen port to the SPARC v9 architecture
> (aka Niagara or UltraSPARC-T1)? I heard there has been some work on it, but
> don't know where to find detailed information. Your help is very
> appreciated. Zhiyi

My understanding is that Sun already have a hypervisor up and running, but 
it's something of their own, not Xen.

Later on, they're planning to merge code from that back into Xen, to make Xen 
itself capable of running on SPARC.  Even if / when it happens, I think 
they're planning on waiting a year or two before they intend to release code 
for Xen on Sparc.

That's not insider info, just what I've read about on the web.  Others here 
may know more (or not!).


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