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[Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3.0 on Ubuntu Dapper

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Tom Marshall wrote:
In case anyone is interested, I'm trying to port the the Ubuntu Dapper
kernel to Xen.  I can see two options: (1) revert the kernel back to 3.0.1
compatibility, or (2) update the tools to tip. Both seem to be nontrivial. I'm currently attempting the former because Dapper uses 2.6.15 as a base,
but I have a feeling that the latter may prove a better course.

Just a quick update (sorry for the spam, I'm hoping at least a couple folks
are interested in Xen 3.x on Dapper...)

I got kernel 2.6.15 up and running on Dapper using version 16045
(16045:7b8ab50c2b04) with the Xen 3.0.1 tools.  I'm not really familiar with
driving Mercurial, nor the Xen history.  So I would like to ask if this is a
good version to start with, or whether a later version (compatible with
3.0.1 and based on 2.6.15 if possible) would be a better starting point.
Which tree did you base this on? 16045 is a local version number (only has meaning in your repository). 7b8ab50c2b04 doesn't appear to be in -unstable.

In general, if you're building a domU kernel, it should be safe to use older changesets. If you're building a dom0 kernel, you really want to use a set of tools that is matched with the dom0 kernel. I don't think there have been any huge changes in the tools so I think it would be fine to pull the tools from the same snapshot that you took 2.6.15 from (which I assume is around 8740:3d7ea7972b39).
I'll be trying to merge this with the Dapper changes.  If there is any
interest in this project, I can send out another message with a link to my
merged code when I'm done.  If not, please accept my apologies for the
I tried running -unstable on Dapper a couple of weeks ago and Xend wouldn't start. I only run Dapper on my laptop so I haven't investigated much further. Have you had any problems with Xend?


Anthony Liguori
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