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Re: [Xen-devel] use case for exposing xenstore attributes via sysfs [long]

On 23 Feb 2006, at 04:39, Anthony Liguori wrote:

It would also solve the general problem too. There's a really interesting article on LWN right now about sysfs being part of the Linux userspace ABI. If we expose parts of XenStore that aren't frozen (all of the Xend stuff which includes UUID isn't frozen) via sysfs then it would be wrong to ever change those things.

I think you could write up a pretty simple module that provided this for domUs. Would having a simpler kernel interface for XenBus be acceptable? We could just change xenstore-* to use that interface and get rid of xenstore_domain_open() (is anyone actually using this interface anywhere else?).

It gets harder if anyone wants to construct transactions or register watches from user space. We could support both interfaces though (simple restricted, and complex flexible).

 -- Keir

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