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[Xen-devel] Re: [ PATCH 2.6.16-rc3-xen 3/3] sysfs: export Xen hypervisor attributes to sysfs

Dave Hansen wrote:
It could be:


Yeah, the type file could be useful.

+static ssize_t extra_show(struct kobject * kobj,
+                         struct attribute * attr,
+                         char * page)
+       char extra_ver[XENVER_EXTRAVERSION_LEN];

At 1k, this is a wee bit too big to be on the stack.  I'd just kmalloc
it instead.

This particular constant is 16 bytes so I'll leave it as is. The other one (CAPABILTIES_INFO), which is 1k, I did kmalloc as you suggested.

+static void xen_compilation_destroy(void)
+       sysfs_remove_group(c_kobj, &xen_compilation_group);
+       kobject_put(c_kobj);
+       return;

Yup, this is another excellent function name.

I'll change the others to be as descriptive. Thanks,

Mike Day

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