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[Xen-devel] CONFIG_CPU_FREQ change

To my surprise, c/s 8888 enables CPU_FREQ for x86-64 rather than disabling it 
for i386. Did anyone at your end actually
test that if enabled this at least builds properly now? Not to mention that of 
course this also should work... If I
remember right, the main reason for posting a patch to disable it on 32-bits 
(similar to how it was on 64-bits before)
was that there were some missing symbols, and I don't think I saw any 
changesets addressing this. Also, from previous
discussion I seem to recall that it was generally agreed that there is little 
point in allowing a single domain (even
dom0) to decide whether/what power management actions should be taken without 
knowing about the requirements of the rest
of the system...

Thanks, Jan

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