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RE: [Xen-devel] no vmxloader.c in unstable??

>I wanted to try vmx in my new D920 system. I've installed the x86_64
>version of ubuntu.
>Looking at this mailing list I see that vmx has been made to work
>again with patch 8870. Since testing is at an earlier patch, I bravely
>grabbed unstable. All went OK except that debian's mkinitrd gave some
>warnings, then failed to create an initrd file. I grabbed yaird and
>that seemed to work. At any rate the system booted and dom0 came up
>However there was no vmxloader created and indeed there is no
>vmxloader.c in tools/firmware/vmxassist. The funny thing is that there
>are files vmloader.c.? in the corresponding directory under .hg/data.
>I couldn't figure out how to ask mercurial what it thinks is going on.

Now after merging with the HVM tree, it should be
Besides, you need dev86 package to compile it on x86_64.

>I notice that there is a vmxloader.c in the corresponding directory
>under the testing repository.
>Any advice would be welcome. Sorry to bother you busy folk.
>Robert Smart
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