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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] HVM x86_32 PAE guest support on 64-bit Xen

On 18 Feb 2006, at 00:26, Nakajima, Jun wrote:

The patch enables x86_32 PAE unmodified guests on 64-bit Xen when the
hvm feature is present. We tested only Linux at this point, and we'll
improve the functionality as we test other guests.

The SVM needs the equivalent changes to the vmc.c to get this
functionality working, but this patch does not break the build.

Now that you (wisely) no longer mess with MSR_EFER directly (leaving it to the the vmexit/vmentry protocol) can you get rid of the VMX_INDEX_MSR_EFER? There's no point in saving/restoring it, since it's value will not be different from normal while you run in Xen context.

 -- Keir

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