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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Allow building with perfc and perfc_arrays


Well, I did use the phrase "simple-minded".  It seemed like
adequate warning.  ;-)

My goal was to get it compiling and out of my way so that
I could work on something else.  This was purely annoying and
I spent very little time on it.  Then, once I got it compiling,
the guilt-gene kicked in and I thought I should submit the

Your changes are more complete, and I like them better.

(Now, if I could manage to spend the time to package up other
 changes that I've made ...)


Chris Wright wrote:
* Ben Thomas (bthomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

Attempts to build with either perfc or perfc_arrays fails.  Some of
this is specific to the platform (eg, __x86_64__).  Add simple-minded
fixes to allow building with these options.

This patch resolves these issues and now builds on i386 and x86_64

I was just doing similar.  Only real difference I had was just using
char in the dom0_perfc_desc instead of the char* cast.

 typedef struct dom0_perfc_desc {
-    uint8_t      name[80];             /* name of perf counter */
+    char         name[80];             /* name of perf counter */

And a typo fix, which you accidentally propagate.

+PERFCOUNTER_CPU(apshot_pages,            "apshot_pages")

I had simply done:

-        perfc_decr(apshot_pages);
+        perfc_decr(snapshot_pages);

Accidental conversion to percpu counter of a couple of these.  And,
finally, this isn't quite enough for PAE.

Here's my patch, mind taking a double check?


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