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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][1/4] PCI Driver Domains: Xenbus Convenience Functions

Resubmitting the driver domain patches against the latest xen-unstable.
These should apply cleanly to 8857:40d7eef7d3f5.

In my digging through the existing backend/frontend drivers to plan my
own, I found several places where code is duplicated to share and map
pages via the grant tables. I added some convenience functions to
xenbus_client.c to hide the details of the virtual address allocation
and hypercall. My intent was to provide a simpler, higher-level
interface for mapping in pages from another domain. While I believe
these convenience functions simplify some typical uses of interdomain
communication, they could easily be removed by expanding their uses in
the PCI backend and frontend if there is opposition to their inclusion.

I also added a one-liner that causes xenbus_dev_(error|fatal) to output
to the kernel log buffer (and thus syslog) which was invaluable to me
while debugging (by default, error messages only appear in xenstore).

No significant changes since last submission.

Signed-off-by: Ryan Wilson <hap9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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