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On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 15:10 +0100, Petersson, Mats wrote: 
> CPU frequency changing doesn't work under Xen at the moment, and it's
> pretty pointless for individual kernels to do this without understanding
> what else is going on in the OTHER kernels that may be running on the
> system - so it makes sense to disable it by "permanent" measure, until
> someone gets round to figuring out how to make Xen itself handle CPU
> frequency changing (perhaps with help from Dom0)... 

I could be insane, but I'm pretty sure it works at least in dom0 right
now.  So disabling it across the board means a loss of functionality for
anyone wanting to run dom0 on their laptop which isn't really needed.

Having it dependent on either XEN_PHYSDEV_ACCESS or
XEN_PRIVILEGED_GUEST, on the other hand, doesn't seem unreasonable


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