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Re: [Xen-devel] Domain save/migrate issue

Noam Taich wrote:
Ok. So pause ALONE is not possible. But I didn't mean I'd do only a

Suspend writes all the info you just mentioned. And the save code just writes the info that suspend left for it.
So, lets tackle the problem in xen and/or the host.

If a change was entered into the suspend code, say, a special mode,
"pseudoSuspend" was added, in which the function writes all that same
Why exactly would this be better than just making domain's unsuspendable?

All it would take is some hypervisor plumbing...


Anthony Liguori
Into that very same place it wrote to before (or any other cozy spot we
can access from the save function), but does NOT actually suspend the
(Ideally, it would suspend nothing. But, if necessary, it can resume
everything instead of calling the actual shutdown code).

The save function doesn't need to know anything now that it didn't know

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