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Re: [Xen-devel] Domain save/migrate issue

On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 06:08:06AM -0800, Noam Taich wrote:
> As it stands now, when a domain is saved to disk it is suspended in the
> process, and then destroyed. This is done by the checkpointing code in
> Xend.
> However, it's a good idea to leave the option open to the user whether
> or not the saved domain should be kept alive or be suspended,
> as it is very possible this feature may be used in real checkpointing of
> a working domain state, just in order to not lose everything should
> something go wrong.
> if you have a guest which does some heavy calculations, or one which
> handles many customer's connection this may be a good idea even in
> migration (which calls the checkpointing code anyway.), although in the
> latter case, of course the network interfaces of the new domain will be
> taken down, and it may be used as a hot spare ready for a quick
> hook-up...
> So what do you think?

  I tend to agree, it's about having orthogonal APIs, I think you can build
the current behaviour by a sequence of the simpler save and a destroy (though
it would not be atomic anymore). Is there any strong reason a saved domain
must not be left running ?


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