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[Xen-devel] Grid Virtualization

It's dawned on me that there still is the single point of failure with all virtualization of a computer and that is the single system that is being virtualized. Be that system an Intel/AMD system, a power PC system, or even a mainframe(FYI Xen is very similar to ZVM which has been around with different names for over 40 years). I'm submitting the idea to build the virtual system off of a grid of computers. The obvious hurdles would be non-existent processor and memory drivers for this, as well as a means of controlling the allocation of resources to the guest. The disk system of the virtual system could be iSCSI disks and local to that system only. The obvious system gains are no single point of failure with the grid, the potential to fully utilize every distributed system in an environment, and the licensing cost of one virtual processor which is actually over 1000 procs. I'd like to have the Xen Community set the standards for this idea here.
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