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Re: [Xen-devel] X86_64 "assert" when booting 64-bit image.

On 9 Feb 2006, at 16:16, Petersson, Mats wrote:

That debug code is totally ancient. Ian may know whether it
has any relevance any more.

Thanks Keir.

I #if 0'd out the test and it flies through the rest of the stuff until
the point where it got without debug. But I don't think the checking
code was added purely because it seemed fun to add in the first place,
so I'm still a bit concerned that it may actually be pointing at
something that causes a problem... Is it really safe to remove it?


I think that the correct thing to do is to remove that whole middle portion of __shadow_status(). That is, the entire outermost 'if' statement. (That is, the 'if ( VALID_MFN()....' all the way to 'return 0; }').

Can you please try that out and see how it works for you?

I actually think there is another problem here. PGT_fl1_shadow shadow pages are looked up by the first guest pfn in that superpage extent, but that first guest pfn may itself be a pagetable page, and no pfn can currently have more than one 'shadow status'. That needs more investigation though...

 -- Keir

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