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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] direct_remap_pfn_range vm_flags fix

On 8 Feb 2006, at 18:16, Chris Wright wrote:

* Keir Fraser (Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
Possible proper fixes:
 1. Don't map local memory via that interface -- only xenstored does
this, when mapping dom0's xenbus page. This could be changed.

This sounds preferable.

 2. Add a _PAGE_DIRECTMAP flag, just for Xen, that indicates
unrefcounted PTEs.

Unless you have other users of such a flag?

We decided that option (1) was more sane, and that's now checked in as c/s 8783. We're not proud of using /dev/kmem to map dom0's xenstore page, but that was the only way we could find to use remap_pfn_range() and so use a VM_PFNMAP vma for that mapping, as we require. We could have made an mmap()able xsd_page device file, but it's not clear that is any more tasteful.

 -- Keir

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