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Re: [Xen-devel] x86_64 smp kernel panic

On 7 Feb 2006, at 20:17, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

With that and Chris Wright's ia32_sysenter patch in the tree, things
boot just fine for me now on x86_64 SMP dom0 --- great.

That's without CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU, though --- I'll have to check CPU
hotplug out separately, as that's still a useful feature to keep for
Xen, and it does appear to work fine on ia32 right now.

Yes, we need it for suspend/resume of SMP guests.

ia32 emulation may still have a problem, though --- I'm digging into
another such oops (appended) right now.

Changeset 8778 might fix this.

 -- Keir

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