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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][2/4] PCI Driver Domains: PCI Backend/Frontend

On 7 Feb 2006, at 19:58, Ryan wrote:

One issue with this patch (at least the frontend part of it) is that it
will probably only work correctly with x86 (I don't have access to other
architectures to test on) and the kconfig menu entries will appear
regardless of the architecture (they don't list x86 as a dependency).
Should they list x86 as a dependency? Right now, they're under the "Xen"
menu with the other backends and frontends. Should I move the PCI
frontend configuration option into the "Bus options/PCI Access" menu
next to the mmconfig, direct, and bios options? I think it would be
better placed under the "Bus options/PCI Access" menu but I wasn't sure
if all the backends and frontends needed to be listed together.

By x86 you mean i386 and x86_64? I guess it makes sense to list X86 as a dependency for now. And yes, I think 'Bus Options/PCI Access' is the correct place to place the pci frontend option. Maybe call the option 'Xen PCI channel' or something like that?

 -- Keir

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