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[Xen-devel] remote xend - howto connect??


currently, I am planning to implement a command line based tool to query more 
than one xends for their running domains at the same time.

Unfortunately, I cannot connect to any other xend as the local one. This is 
what I was trying to do:

#!/usr/bin/env python
#  -*- mode: python; -*-
import sys
import os

# add fallback path for non-native python path installs if needed

from xen.xend.XendClient import server
from xen.xend import sxp

def parse_doms_info(info):
   def get_info(n, t, d):
      return t(sxp.child_value(info, n, d))
   return {
      'dom'      : get_info('domid',        int,   -1),
      'name'     : get_info('name',         str,   '??'),
      'mem'      : get_info('memory',       int,   0),
      'vcpus'    : get_info('online_vcpus', int,   0),
      'state'    : get_info('state',        str,   '??'),
      'cpu_time' : get_info('cpu_time',     float, 0),
      'ssidref'  : get_info('ssidref',      int,   0),

def xm_brief_list(doms):
   print 'Name                              ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State  Time(s)'
   for dom in doms:
      d = parse_doms_info(dom)
      if (d['ssidref'] != 0):
          d['ssidstr'] = (" s:%04x/p:%04x" %
                          ((d['ssidref'] >> 16) & 0xffff,
                          d['ssidref']        & 0xffff))
         d['ssidstr'] = ""
         print ("%(name)-32s %(dom)3d %(mem)8d %(vcpus)5d %(state)5s            
%(cpu_time)7.1f%(ssidstr)s" % d)


I am running this script form my xenhost1 ( and want to query 
xenhost2 ( But I only get the local informations.
Even if I manually hack

class Xend:
    """Client interface to Xend.

    """Default location of the xend server."""
    SRV_DEFAULT = ""

into xen/xend/XendClient.py it's still the same.

telnetting to to port 8000 and do a manual
GET /xend/domain/?detail=1
works nicely.

Maybe someone could give me a hint how to query a remote xen host with 

Regards, Michael

Michael Mey                                  
Thinking Objects Software GmbH    |   mailto: michael.mey@xxxxxx 
Lilienthalstrasse 2/1             |   phone: +49 711 88770-147
70825 Stuttgart-Korntal, Germany  |   fax: +49 711 88770-449

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