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RE: [Xen-users] Intel/VT

Thorolf Godawa wrote:
> Hi,
> just short question:
> Does Intel/VT works only in 64 bit-mode (with SuSE x86-64-kernel) or
> also in 32 bit-mode (i386)?
> I installed SLES 10.0 beta1 i386 on the Xeon-machine, but I forgot to
> aktivate VT in the BIOS after the BIOS-update.
> Now I only get "unknown image type: vmx" if I try to start a
> VMX-domain even after I activated VT in the BIOS, maybe I have to
> install SuSE with activated VT?
> Thanks,

Do you happen to use x86_32 PAE Xen? It should work for both plain
32-bit and 64-bit. It will be available for x86_32 PAE soon.

Intel Open Source Technology Center

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