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Re: [Xen-devel] Periodic timer interrupts in the Mini-OS (working?)

On 2006-02-02, 09:14, Simon Kagstrom wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a question about timer interrupts in the Mini-OS and
> HYPERVISOR_set_timer_op. From printouts, it seems like the Mini-OS only
> recieves timer events after calling block_domain:
> void block_domain(u32 millisecs)
> {
>     struct timeval tv;
>     gettimeofday(&tv);
>     HYPERVISOR_set_timer_op(monotonic_clock() + 1000000LL * (s64) millisecs);
>     HYPERVISOR_sched_op(SCHEDOP_block, 0);
> }
> i.e., not the "regular" 10ms periodic events (if I don't call block_domain(),
> it will just sit idle). I'm trying to understand why this is the case.

It turned out it was my fault, for some reason I had modified do_event() to
include a mask_evtchn(port) in the end. So then, naturally, there were no more

Sorry about the fuss, I should have checked the changes first.

// Simon

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