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[Xen-devel] [XM-TEST][PATCH] hvm network test fixes

The following patch allows the network tests to pass with hvm support enabled.

More specifically:
REASON: ping loopback failed for size 65507. ping eth0 failed for size 65507.
(but all other size pings work)

REASON: Ping to dom0 failed for size 65507.
(but all other size pings work)

passes 100% (even the large ping, i know the large ping is another bug but is it
supposed to work or fail on this test?)

Let me know if there's anything I should change in the patch, my next step is to
try to build some network tests that put a little strain on the network, the hvm
image doesn't appear to have support for ping -f so I'll need to find another
solution, any ideas? (Yes I can probably ping -f from outside the domain at it,
but would be nice to have something to test the other direction, or even ssh to
test that data isn't being corrupted.)

Adam Wendt
IPCoast, Inc.

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