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RE: [Xen-devel] Xen 3.0.1 released!

> I can understand the bandwidth concern. How about putting it 
> on sourceforge ? They have lots of bandwidth and several 
> mirrors. So even if xensource is slashdotted, you don't have 
> to worry about the download problem. Again this is my own suggestion. 

We used to use sourceforge, but its actually quite a pain to upload
stuff, and it was horribly unreliable (though they may have fixed this).
When we released the initial Xen 1.0 demo CD and got slashdotted we
brought sourceforge to its knees and got hate mail...

We ended up buying a bunch of servers and some serious bandwidth, so we
should be able to handle most load spikes, but its good to have the
email stuff as a backup --- each demo CD download is 700MB, so you don't
need too many simultaneous downloaders to burn some serious bandwidth!


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