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[Xen-devel] Xen and HyperThreading/Dual Core Issues

        Dear Community,

        Me and some folks are about to start a research project on
HyperThreading/Dual Core issues on Xen. Our main goal would be to answer
the following question:

        - How to improve the current Xen support to HT and Dual Core CPUs?

        The immediate thought was to investigate what are the vCPU-to-CPU
mappings that make sense (e.g. 1-N, N-N, N-1) and come up with a
strategy for dynamic vCPU-CPU (re)association according to the perceived
resource utilization of each domain. 

        I searched through the xen-devel list archive and part of the source
code (unstable). If I correctly understood, it seems that xen-3.0
already provides a good support to HT and Dual Core including vCPU-CPU
migration and multiple vCPUs per domain.

        So, is there any planed road map for future improvements with respect
these issues defined yet? what is the status of the current efforts?

        Thanks in advance,

        Best Regards,

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