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[Xen-devel] Unmodified Windows etc on XEN 3.0 with Intel/VT or AMD/Pacifica

  • To: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Thorolf Godawa <nospam@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 21:04:12 +0100
  • Delivery-date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 20:13:42 +0000
  • List-id: Xen developer discussion <xen-devel.lists.xensource.com>

Hi all,

since I need an answer for my problem pretty fast and I think that in this group I can find more experienced people I post my questions again.

XEN 3.0 supports starting unmodified xenU-domains with the upcomming Intel and AMD-processors and I have some questions according to this.

- How can I install an OS like Windows in such an environement?

With Linux (or even OS/2) it works quite easy, install it in a mounted image-directory or unzip it there, edit the config-files start it and login with telnet or ssh, Linux also works with the xen-console.

But Windows needs a graphical connection like VNC what is not standard on Windows and it is hard to configure Windows from the commandline.

If I have an W2k-image that I can start with XEN and "xm list" tells me that it is running, how can I access it?

- How works the network-configuration in Windows or OS/2?

Linux gives me my ethN that I can configure even without physical interface and its working, but for Windows or OS/2 I probably need an "dummy"-network-interface-card which I can install and configure.

- If I use a Processor with x86-64-support, should I install the x86-64-version of Linux or just the i386 if most xenU-domains just will be x86? The advantage with x86-64 is that it uses memory above 4GB better but is there a disadvantage with x86-only-guests?

Thanks a lot for your answers or where do I find more informations about XEN-support for Intel/VT or AMD/Pacifica.

Chau y hasta luego,


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