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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: New Release Process

> Current -unstable will become 3.0.1, correct?  I am wondering 
> as the Novell guys' CFQ scheduler is turning out to be very 
> useful and with no troubles so far.  It'd be nice to get this 
> included in 3.0.1.

Yes. There's a lot of regression tests running on current -unstable at
the moment, but if users could give it a thorough kick-about too that
would be great.

We may sweep -unstable into -testing a day or two ahead of the 3.0.1
release so that work on -unstable can continue while we wait for a
couple of bug fix patches to get tested. (I'd really like to see the ip
checksum issue that effects some setups fixed in 3.0.1) 


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