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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][XM-TEST] [1/2] Add Network Testing Support for Xm-test with VMX Enabled


Here are two patches that add networking capability for testing with vmx 
enabled in xm-test. Currently, the create_disk_image script copies a kernel 
over to the disk.img but doesn't copy the pcnet32 driver, so no network 
testing is possible. 

Patch 1 (included in this email) - Changes busybox config for the initrd so it 
can load 2.6 modules, necessary for loading the pcnet32 driver. I had to bump 
xm-test's version because the initrd changes.

Patch 2 (following 2/2 email) - Changes create_disk_image to copy pcnet32 
driver to disk.img, includes options to override default. Patch adds a 
configuration time option for specifying the driver's directory. And, patch 
updates README.



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