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Re: [Xen-devel] RE: New Release Process

> Here's my thoughts on how we should kick-off with the new release
> process:
> It's been over 6 weeks since the 3.0.0 release, and the -unstable tree
> is actually looking pretty good right now -- two of the bugs I mentioned
> yesterday are now fixed.
> My current inclination is to call a 3.0.1 release Friday/Saturday and
> sweep the tree into -testing.

It sounds like it'd be a net win.  Many people are only going to use official 
releases, so it should aid a lot of newcomers.

> SuSE have said they are actually going to base their release off 2.6.16,
> even though we're still likely to be on 2.6.16-rcX by their freeze date.
> One thing we could do to help them is to break with tradition and to
> check the 2.6.16-rcX into the tree rather than the most recent stable
> release, 2.6.15. This would help get 2.6.16 stabilized quicker, which
> would certainly help them. 2.6.16 is already at rc1, which means that
> many of the 'rough edges' should have been found, so I doubt we'll be
> hurting ourselves too much. This is -unstable, after all.
> What do other developers feel about trying to help SuSE out like this?

We've been having reasonably large delays between releases anyhow.  If 3.0.2, 
featuring 2.6.16 has to wait for 2.6.16 itself to be released it's still 
unlikely to take any longer than the last cycle.  And in the meantime it does 
help SuSE out.

> No doubt we might have to end up doing something similar for RH come the
> RHEL5 freeze date. My feeling is that its in the xen community's
> interest to have the best possible vendor releases, as the users always
> end up coming to our mailing lists to complain :)

I think better co-ordination with vendors - particularly whilst Xen 
installations aren't quite so widespread - sounds like a fairly solid idea.  
It's much better all round if people can get solid releases from distro 
packages without having to rebuild or install stuff from XenSource.

Right now, being flexible with the release dates is still viable and gets us 
concrete benefits in some cases - there's no reason to be excessively rigid.

> What do you think? Should we stick with 2.6.15 or go to 2.6.16-rc1 ?

Hey, 2.6.16-rc1 is gonna be an improvement over 2.6.12 anyhow!

It'd also be nice from a development PoV to have some of the more recent 
kernel features / APIs available in our official release.  And of course, we 
*do* need to keep up with mainline if we want our patches merged.


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