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Re: [Xen-devel] MacBook Pro Yonah (Intel Core Duo)

> Has anyone tried the new CPU (codename Yonah) produced by Apple? I heard
> from the engineer of Apple that MacBook Pro is already reachable, although
> it is not distributed to the public until February. If anyone has some
> information, I would like to buy it to enlarge the frontier.

There are several other manufacturers (Samsung, Dell, etc) at a similar stage 
with their Yonah laptops, so you'll be seeing those on sale soonish too, 

> -- Does Yonah demand xen/i86 or xen/ppc? Or we need brand-new source code?
> That is the problem. Is Windows XP on Fedora Core 5 / ppc still dreamers'
> rumour?

Yonah is basically just x86, it's not gonna run any PPC software (unless you 
use an emulator like QEmu on Linux / Windows, or PearPC, or Apple's own 
"Rosetta" if you're running OS X).

Eventually (but possibly not straight away), Yonah systems will have the VT 
extensions enabled, and you'll be able to use Xen to run Windows XP on top of 
x86 Linux on your laptop (or whatever...).


> Best,
> Makoto Sakurai

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