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[Xen-devel] xm commands run very slow ....

Hi Folks,

I know it is kind of vague problem, but I am banking of somebody seeing the 
exact thing.

I have two machines with everything identical, except on one machine I compile
xen and on other I just use the binaries compiled on the previous machine.

Now on first machine, where I compile everything, xm invocation is veeeeeeeeeery
slow. Although it doesn't seem to be "system" problem. Look at a 
        time xm list 
        real 32s
        user .2s
        sys  .02s

On another machine the real time is very close to user+sys.

I just can't comprehend why this is going on. Any clues will be deeply 


Himanshu Raj
PhD Student, GaTech (www.cc.gatech.edu/~rhim)
I prefer to receive attachments in an open, non-proprietary format.

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