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Re: [Xen-devel] Bug: xm commands hanging due to poor threading in xend

Matt Ayres wrote:

Matt Ayres wrote:

File limit is 14343 so fd's shouldn't be a problem.

Actually, my thread-max limit was 4400, so in theory this could have been hit by many httpd/mysql/xend accesses.

I raised the thread-max to 16384, increased dom0 RAM to 512MB, and dom0 swap to 1GB and still saw problems throughout the night. I noticed Vincent committed a few memory leak / xenstore fixes today. I immediately pulled that down and am seeing how well things run now.

Users also reported receiving BUG's in their domains, I submitted a bug regarding this. I have set vcpus=1 for every domU now just in case SMP inside the domU was affecting Xen / dom0 Linux.

I will update if this solves my problems or if they change / persist.

Thank you to the Xen developers for assisting me with diagnosing these odd problems that only those of us brave enough to try -unstable in production can probably find :)

Matt Ayres

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