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RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] Meeting Summary taken from Xen-ia64 Next StepsDiscussion during Xen Summit

Thanks for the summary and one more thing:
        We are all agreed the mechanism to send event channel should use
callback/failsafe eventually instead of using a pseudo physical IRQ, as
the latter one has some potential issues.
        Actually same issues happen in PPC side too.
Thanks Dan, Thanks Ian and Keir for these great results.

Yang, Fred wrote:
> Xen-ia64 Community members,
> Following is the agreement/summary taken from Xen/ia64 Next Steps
> Discussion session held during Xen Summit at January 17, 2006.  The
> items in 
> http://www.xensource.com/files/xs0106_ia64_nextsteps_disc.pdf are
> fully discussed 
> The Work session attendees had agreed following actions in order to
> move Xen/ia64 to the next stage, and the efforts will be started
> immediately. 
> 1. Physical Memory support for Domain0
>      * PPC port has the similar P2M issue as Xen-ia64
>      * Group agreed P2M is the route to take, the detail
> implementation can be between P2M & VP approaches to change XenLinux
> as  less as possible
>      * To merge P2M into mainline code may cause Xen-ia64-unstable to
> be buggy or unstable for a period of time.
>         Since this is a must feature to go, we should merge the code
> and get community to work together to get system stablized
>      * Fujitsu has been looking into this effort and will contribute
> this effort
>      * To Enable P2M for Domain0 is must for Xen-ia64 and should be
> done early to enable VBD/VNIF & driver domain to come
> 2. Memory enhancement for page reference count
>      * this can possibly cause stability issue and affecting domain
> destory
>      * This item is a must for Xen-ia64
> 3. Virtual Interrupt Controller to let Xen owns physical IOSAPIC
>      * This can help to address SMP guest for para-domains as well as
> a must for driver domain
>      * a must item for xen-ia64
> 4. VTLB/VHPT SMP Support
>      * To support next step SMP guest support, hash VTLB and same VHPT
> model should be adapted
>      * A patch to extend hash VTLB/VHPT to hookup for para-virtualized
> Domain should be added
>         Code should try to be built with option to able to pull
> original VHPT model back per future performance tunning needs
>      * A must item for Xen/ia64 to get to SMP guest support
> 5. Reboot/Destroy Domains
>      * A must item after page reference count is done
> 6. Hypercalls
>      * Can be adapted per P2M and future needs
> 7. Timer Virtualization
>      * This is defineitely worth to do to help the performance
> This summary lists major effort to overhaul overall Xen/ia64
> infrastructure, we welcome developers to contribute into these efforts
> -Fred Yang
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