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Re: [Xen-devel] adding device driver kernel module for xen/linux

Ian Pratt wrote:

I wanted to add a kernel module (bcm5700, device driver for Broadcom network adapter) to linux 2.6, xen-3.0.0. Is it possible to use the kernel module (source) as-is, without modifications, or do I need to edit the module source code to be Xen-specific?

The code should not need to be modified.

I noticed that the files tg3.c and tg3.h on linux-2.6.12-xen is the same as the one on pristine-linux-2.6.12, so presumably, no change is needed. However, using bcm5700 module on linux-2.6.12-xen kernel doesn't work, while using bcm5700 on native linux (on the same machine) works.

The tg3 driver certainly works for me. When you say native, do you mean
2.6.12 native?
My native linux uses redhat's official kernel (2.6.9).

Perhaps you have a very new version of the chip that
needs a more recent driver?

It is possible. I used xen-2.0.7 on hardware with revision number 2, and it works. However, broadcom hardware with revision number 10 (bought mid-2005) doesn't work with xen-2.0.7 nor xen-3.0.0. Or to be more specific :

- using bcm5700 (broadcom's official driver, until 1-16-2006) : doesn't work, even when xend is not running - using tg3 (from Xen's stock 2.6.12 kernel and broadcom's current official driver) : works without xend, but doesn't work if I use xend in the default bridge configuration.

Perhaps more likely, you may have an interrupt routeing issue. Does the
NIC appear to be using the same interrupt number in both the native and
xen cases?

No, they're using different interrupt numbers.

On native Linux, they use interrupts 209 and 217 (I have two network cards).
On Xen (with both tg3 and bcm5700 driver), they use interrupts 77 and 78.

Should the different interrupt numbers make a difference?



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