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[PATCH] Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] domUloader


For discussion, attached is a patch to do something similar using the
pygrub code.  It adds another file syntax to xm create, allowing you to
say things like "kernel=guest:(vbda)/boot/vmlinuz", where vbda is what
the new domain will see its block device as.

Because it's based on pygrub, it only handles ext2fs and reiser for
now.  Also, it hasn't got partition-table handling, since that's not
working in pygrub either, but it could be added if necessary. 

The advantage of this is that the dom0 kernel never needs to read the
domU filesystems, so you could run the extraction code without so much

The patch is against -unstable of last month, but I can update it if
people are interested.


Tim Deegan                           (My opinions, not the University's)
Systems Research Group
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

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