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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xc_XXX_build - add parallel routines to support input via buffer rather than files

I'd just like to add a +1 from me to the concept of an optional memory 
interface to the building APIs.  I implemented something similar for domU 
kexec support, and if something like this is available in the up-to-date 
tree, I won't have to update that part of my original patch when we update 
the sparse tree to 2.6.15 ;-)

One suggestion based on my experience:
the interface to setup_guest would seem to be cleaner if it *always* assumed 
its taking inflated buffers for the initrd, as well as the kernel.  You can 
just load and inflate the initrd in in the builder function (if necessary!) 
as we do already for the kernel.

Would anyone object to this?  The interface to the rest of xc that you propose 
sounds like a step in the right direction.


On Monday 16 January 2006 21:05, B Thomas wrote:
> I have a need to pass image and ramdisk via buffers, and not files.  I
> added some parallel routines so as not to disturb the existing APIs. This
> may, or may not, have been the correct choice, but it works.  In this
> patch, you'll find xc_linux_build_mem and xc_vmx_build_mem as the new
> interfaces, which accept buffer pointer/size arguments rather than filename
> arguments. The old interfaces remain (both in code and working status).
> Some internal shuffling was needed to accomodate this, which I've tried to
> minimize. I've tested most of this, the expection being IA64, which I don't
> have.
> -b

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