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Re: [Xen-devel] yanked share, round 2

> Hi Keir, I'm not familiar enough with zombie anatomy to help there, so let
> me try this reasoning: today's Xen architecture cannot promise that a
> shared page can ever be returned to normal, non-shared service.  Thus, any
> DomU that routinely creates shared pages *must* eventually run out of
> memory.

Eveni if it could reboot, causing the control tools to allocate it new 
memory... the more worrying problem is that a domain that does *not* return 
shared pages could eventually end up holding all the memory in the machine, 
with it all being credited to other (zombie) domains.

> Of course if all DomU's try to play nice, it would take a long 
> while.  We still face a snag in which Xen allows DomU bugs, DomU crashes
> and DomU evil to accumulate over time.  By analogy to the hardware world, a
> PCI device that could not promise to let go of pages would be unacceptable.

A centralised store (managed by a trusted entity) would be rather good for 
domUs that really don't trust each other.  It'd be worth having a driver that 
could set these up - presumably with shares advertised using XenStore.


> -steve
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> On 13 Jan 2006, at 19:07, King, Steven R wrote:
> > The purpose of the under-page is to plug the memory hole in the remote
> > DomU created by a surprise unsharing.  A nervous remote DomU could
> > check that a share is GTF_safe before proceeding to map the page.
> >  
> > Good, bad or ugly?
> What's wrong with the current scheme (sharing domU sticks around as a
> zombie until foreign mappings disappear)? This needn't stop control tools
> from restarting the domain (they can see that it has shut down, for
> example, and is simply awaiting reaping when its refcnt falls to zero).
> It's arguable the zombies needn't even be kept on the domain list, so they
> become invisible to the control tools (since they're really just a resource
> container for foreign page mappings). OTOH hiding things from control tools
> is probably a bad idea. :-)
>   -- Keir
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