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Re: [Xen-devel] Basic xenstore questions (building a watchdog)

Mark Williamson wrote:
I'm looking at building a xenstore-based watchdog, as described at

Sounds cool!

I knocked up a little prototype of one some time last year. The Xend code was surprisingly tricky (couldn't get rebooting the domain to behave right, although I didn't try very hard). You'd be welcome to the kernel code if you want to take a look, although it's very simple - the hacks required to the softdog device in Linux were minimal.
I would be very much interested in looking at what you've got so far, as an example if not a base.
I'd suggest as an alternative to using the store, you might like to think about adding watchdog functionality to Xen itself... The advantage here is that it also allows you to watchdog dom0, without requiring watchdog hardware. Timing out dom0 would reboot the system, a domU would just result in its destruction (and the tools recreating it).
It's a thought, yes -- but I'm already outside the realm of stuff-I-know, and I'd like to get at least *something* in working condition before I stray much further. Also, I'm under the impression that running softdog in dom0 with nowayout set should provide similar functionality -- perhaps I saw someone mentioning on the ML that they were doing just that?

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