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Re: [Xen-devel] Xenstore remove problem - causes bug #473

On 13 Jan 2006, at 12:28, Murillo Bernardes wrote:

I think the idea is that any sub-node should be matched also, like: if
"backend/1/status" changed we have to call backend_changed to "backend/1" device, and that is ok. But with that code If we delete device "backend/1"
all devices matching "backend/1*" are being deleted also.

That can't be the logic. If '/backend/1/status' changed then we would not strncmp match on '/backend/1'.

The opposite way round would match though. Perhaps that was the intent.

Anyway, I can implement a fix that maintains the current semantics w.r.t. matching on subdirectories.

 -- Keir

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