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RE: [Xen-devel] performance problems...

> > Any suggestions as to where to start? Or is this a known and
> > solved problem in the latest -testing?
> There have been no changes in 3.0-testing that are likely relevant. I
> don't think anyone else has reported this, so I'd look closely at your
> bridging changes. Also please report the test setup in more detail.
> haven't connected dom0 directly to the bridge rather than vif0.0 to
> bridge have you?

I just upgraded both my xen machines to the latest (yesterdays hg pull)
and both appear to be doing the same thing now. One of them is SMP
though, so the problem is less apparent, but if do a 'cpuburnP6' on
dom0, the domU's slow down to a crawl.

The problem really does appear to be scheduling related, not network, so
I haven't adjusted the network bridge configuration yet, but will do so
if you tell me it's worth a go.



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