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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [RFC] sysfs support for xen linux

Mark Williamson wrote:

Yes, true. I think privcmd might be more appropriate for /proc, but
would like to see how it works as a binary file under /sys. ioctl's are
not supported by sysfs that I can see, so privcmd would have to be a
read/write interface.

Regardless of privcmd there are numerous simple attributes related to
Xen that are consistent with "zen" of sysfs. :-)

Agreed. It's an ideal place for many of the things that are in proc, and many things we'd want to add in the future.

You could possibly abuse sysfs into supporting ioctl but I'm pretty sure the kernel people would find that quite distressing ;-) I had the impression binary files under sysfs were also a no-no (all meant to be cat-able - addressing one of the other problems of /proc), but I could be mistaken.
There was a discussion a while back about this.


I think the consensus was to move any ioctl interface to a char device and everything else to sysfs.

You'll probably want a proper kobject hierarchy too which means working with GKH et al to figure out where out stuff should be (/sys/hypervisor/xen??)


Anthony Liguori


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