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RE: [Xen-devel] Essay on an important Xen decision (long)

> NB. the shadow mode for migration (logdirty) doesn't actually 
> virtualise the 
> physical <-> machine mapping - a paravirt guest on x86 always 
> knows where all 
> its pages are in machine memory.  All that's being hidden in 
> this case is 
> that the pagetables are being shadowed (so that pages can be 
> transparently 
> write protected).

Thanks for the clarification! 

> I'd think that driver domains themselves would be quite 
> attractive on IA64 - 
> for big boxes, it allows you to partition the hardware devices *and* 
> potentially improve uptime by isolating driver faults.

Probably true, but I think most "big box" customers are looking
for partition isolation beyond what is possible with Xen (at
least near-term).

> For what you call "hybrid" domains, there are people using 
> this for virtual 
> DMZ functionality...  I guess it'd be nice to enable it.  
> Presumably the 
> problem is that the backend does some sort of P-to-M 
> translation itself?
> Do you have a plan for how you would implement P==M driver domains?

Only roughly.  Detailed design and implementation was to wait
until after driver domain support gets back into Xen/x86 (and until
after this P?M decision is made).


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