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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xc_linux_build - proactively check for NULL string arguments

On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 08:07:23PM -0500, B Thomas wrote:

> [Forgot to say "please", errr, tag this as [PATCH]...oops]
> Proactively check for NULL strings passed into xc_linx_build.  Either DTRT
> or return error if detected.  A NULL cmdline, for example, would currently
> generate a segfault.
> Signed-off-by:  Ben Thomas   [1]bjthomas3@xxxxxxxxx

Sorry, didn't mean to miss you -- I've just been a bit busy -- it's applied
now.  (In fact, Keir applied it at the same time, so it's in the tree twice ;-)


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